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Published on June 15, 2022

Every success story is a tale of constant adaption, revision and change.

- Richard Branson

Knowing Yourself: How many of us take out time to develop our skills, thoughts, our inner peace, nurture knowledge and balance emotions.

People are so engrossed in running the race of life and achieving success, they fail to realise where success comes from?

Does it come by Knowledge, Experience, Talent, Money, Position, Power or Opportunities.. Or does it comes by something else.

I believe, success comes from Self Transformation.

There is a very nice saying,

Who looks outside, Dreams, who looks inside, Awakes.

- Carl Jung

Its never to late to begin your self development, rather a self transformation journey.

Let us see what brings transformation:

  1. One - On -One:

How many of us take that one- on- one meeting with self. There is no one in this world other than you, to know who you are. Your strengths, flaws, talent, expertise, ability etc. Do we meet ourself everyday to know how are we doing, are we on right track or we need a brake or must accelerate the journey. Are we complete to take on the challeges life throws or we yet need to have a new outlook or change the circumstance to suit us, or dwell ourself in the situation. Take out time for self, once throughout the day and see the change.

2. Manage your time:

Change or Transformation doesn't come automatically, you have to work towards it. Learn to manage your time well in every aspect; home, office, travel etc. Being resilient is good therapy, which may help you save time. Be adaptible to overcome any circumtance which will suit the transitions and balance life well. Be flexible whenever possible and do not overburden your energy with excess baggage that hold you move ahead. Focus in your life towards achieving a set target and at times multi-task to get things fastrack the outcomes. It is very essential to be responsible enough to what comes, and how we react to it at different situations.

3. Accept Change:

Change is inevitable. Nothing remains constant, not even we remain the same since our birth. As we grow, with change in age, our body change, height change, as we go from schooling to higher grades our learning change. Let not the persona be different, be real, being true reflects confidence. Embrace change, it will help you deal with situations better. Change many not be always positive, some change have adverse effects on your life, emotionally at different circumstances, but always look at the bright side. Turn the negative change into an opportunity or way to rediscover your true self and your zest for life.

Published by

Karuna Sakhare Founder - VistaPace Solutions

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